Warm Scarves

The Millennium Scarf Project grew out of a desire to commemorate the year 2000 with a special project. The MWFA wanted to reach out to the community, so it was decided to weave winter scarves to donate to the Christmas Cheer Board for Christmas 2000. Members who chose to participate were asked to weave at least one winter scarf plus a sample six inches long. The sample was put on an information sheet and these were collected for our library.

The deadline was the November meeting so that we would be able to collect the scarves in time to drop them off in December. We had an opportunity to get ideas and suggestions from Valerie Olsen and Jo-Anne Tabachek, when our guest speaker was unable to come to the March 2000 meeting. They quickly put together and presented a programme with recommendations about appropriate sizes, yarns, setts, and weave. They also reminded us that these scarves needed to be easy to care for.

Our November meeting was a very special event. The evening started with a potluck supper with excellent food, as usual. Then we had a chance to talk about the scarf or scarves we had woven. We all enjoyed the stories surrounding each scarf, and many had started with the yarn selection. Some members used this project to reduce their yarn stash. Others took the opportunity to reduce the stock at Value Village! It was wonderful to see the great variety of fibres, structures, sizes and colours chosen for this project.

I knew it wouldn’t be possible for everyone to participate, but I was impressed at the large percentage of our members that were able to bring a scarf. Members who were only beginning to weave and members with many years of experience contributed. In total, 14 members wove 20 scarves. The scarves were dropped off at the Christmas Cheer Board and they will help some children and adults keep warm in the cold weather that’s sure to come.

Members involved were Jo-Anne Tabachek, Nigel Wooler, Edna Wooler, Christine Burns, Carol Kaye, Patty Sauder, Denise Dupuis, Valerie Olsen, Susan Styrchak, Linda Schultz, Val Ward, and Pam Green.

Linda Schultz