MWFA at Folklorama 2005

“Velkommen, V√§lkommen, Velkomin, Terve Tuloa”

MWFA weavers participated in the 36th Annual Folklorama Festival in Winnipeg in August 2005 with a display and demonstrations of weaving at the Scandinavian Pavilion.

Folklorama, an annual multicultural event, celebrates the customs, food, music, dance and stories of the various ethnic groups which comprise our city. There were 44 Pavilions in 2005.

The Scandinavian Pavilion honored the 200th anniversary of Hans Christian Anderson’s birth with Scandinavian fairy tales, The MWFA display included “The Princess and the Pea”. Using fabrics woven by MWFA members, the princess wore an exquisite handwoven dress, and went to sleep on twenty mattresses covered in handwoven fabric!


The image below shows some of the detail in the handwoven fabric and the styling of the Princess’s dress.¬† MWFA member Valerie Olsen wove the fabric and sewed the garment.