Our Activities

MWFA supports the art and craft of weaving and the fibre arts in Manitoba through weaving demonstrations, exhibits, occasional sales, and participation in cultural events in our community.

MWFA offers introductory weaving courses and advanced workshops on an irregular basis.  Send us an email to get additional information about the next Introductory 4-Harness Weaving course.

MWFA’s Spring 2018 Guild Day will be held on Saturday, April 14, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.  at Precious Blood Parish, 200 Kenny Street. Come and go as you please.  Bring along some of your work-in-progress and your lunch.  Invite a guest.


What’s on at the British Museum?  November 2015

MWFA member and sprang artist, Carol James, wanted to create a replica of a turban for her presentation at the “Textiles of the Nile Valley” Conference in Antwerp, Belgium in November.   Needing a particular colour and weight of yarn for the project, she asked at a MWFA meeting whether anyone had such yarn in their stash.  Colette believed that she did, and told Carol,  “It is from Broder Medicis, made in France, and 100% Virgin wool. I bought this at a second-hand store years ago but haven’t done anything with it yet. I hope it is exactly what you want.”

It was, Carol made the turban, and reports, “At the conference, I met a woman involved in creating a display for the British Museum. She was making Coptic tunics, and needed a bonnet or two to complete the outfits for the mannequins … and that red turban was just the thing.”  Carol’s beautiful sprang turban will be on display shortly at the British Museum in London, UK.

MWFA’s “Guild Day” for Members, November 2015

On Guild Day, from 10:00 – 4:00, members got together in a space provided by MWFA to work on any of their projects.  There were table looms, band looms, spinning wheels and spindles in use.  Some were threading their looms, and others were getting on with finishing techniques.  There was a great turnout and lots of sharing and learning happening.

We loved MWFA’s first Guild Day!

MWFA at Fibre Fest, October 2015

There was lots of interest in MWFA’s display area and demonstration at the Third Annual Manitoba Fibre Fest in early October.  Some of the visitors were delighted to try their hand at weaving on the floor loom that was set up.

Spinning Saturdays, Winter 2015

Spinners and wannabe spinners were invited to meet at members’ homes on two Saturdays this winter to enjoy a day of spinning together.  These gatherings were a popular new activity for MWFA members, and we expect to see more of these “Spinning Saturdays” organized.

Exploring Indigo Dyeing, March 2015

Interested MWFA members took over Susan’s kitchen one Saturday to try their hand at dyeing with indigo.  They were delighted with the results.

We’re All Warped, November 2014

Members made warps for scarves using shared threads. They also traded tips and techniques on winding warps as they worked together.  The finished scarves will be displayed at our May 2015 meeting.

“Extreme Warp Makeover” Workshop with Robyn Spady, October 2014

An Introduction to Bead Weaving, March 2014

MWFA member, Katie G., was the instructor for this class on bead weaving at our March 2014 meeting.  Several members have since completed a number of bead weaving projects.

MWFA at 1st Annual Manitoba Fibre Festival, September 2013

Festival du Voyageur, February 2013

“Structures for Weaving Dots” Workshop with Sharon Alderman, November  2012

MWFA Workshop“STRUCTURES FOR WEAVING DOTS” with Sharon Alderman was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 2, 3, and 4, 2012.  14 weavers participated in the workshop.

Lecture –  “Designing and Weaving Fabrics for Interiors”. “Many of the fabrics that are used in interior spaces–upholstery, curtains, draperies, wall coverings, table, bed and bath linens–may be handwoven. Many choices are involved in the design process–fiber, weave structure, fabric finishing; each depends on the way the fabric will be used and how it must look.”  This lecture was presented for MWFA members and guests by Sharon Alderman on Thursday, November 1, 2012.

“Everyone Wants to be a Viking,” October 2012

This is a program presented for students in Grades 3 and 5 in October and May at The Scandinavian Centre in Winnipeg.  Class groups visit and see demos of weaving, spinning,  and carving. There are discussions of farm produce, chain mail, Viking trading and raiding sea voyages, The students also get to write their name in runes on a ceramic tag for a necklace and taste Icelandic flatbread. MWFA has participated in the weaving and spinning demonstrations.

Circle & Square: Manitoba Festival of Craft, June 22-24, 2012

Susan Styrchak and Patti Sauder demonstrated weaving at the MWFA table at the Circle & Square Festival, held at The Atomic Centre, 167 Logan Avenue.

Festival du Voyageur, February 2012

Several MWFA members wove steadily to produce a great length of wool yardage in twill in weaving demonstrations coordinated by Carol James at the Festival du Voyageur, February 5th -14th.

Culture Days, October  2011

MWFA participated in Culture Days on Saturday, October 1st with a demonstration table in Old Market Square in downtown Winnipeg.  Many visitors stopped by to watch our weavers demonstrating various types of weaving.

“New Rep Weave”  Workshop with Joanne Tallarovic,  October 2010

“Fab Four”  Workshop with Robyn Spady,  November 2008